Customer Support Chatbot

The Opportunity

HelloNina is a Swiss startup advisory service backed by BDO - the global legal, financial and business consultancy.

Accurate legal & financial and business advice can be complex. HelloNina wanted to create an easier and more engaging way to access their wealth of advice, tools and experts.

Customer Support Chatbot

Our Solution

We developed an intelligent web based chatbot, it enables both button and natural language conversations. The button responses help guide users at the start and shows the categories of advice - starting out, recruitment, financial and marketing.

Users are guided to a more detailed article page and the chat stays there to support further queries. For example you may ask about end of year tax and then decide to ask Nina if you are subject to VAT. If Nina thinks there's a more appropriate source to provide detailed off then she'll direct you to the right place, for example a Government reference site.

Our solution also provides live expert chat. With a seamless handover in the background, the user continues in the same web chat interface - HelloNina experts are notified and can chat with them via Slack.

We also created a bespoke dashboard to help HelloNina to record key KPIs as well as understand what people are searching - all helping to plan future content and improvements.

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Web chat

The platform uses OpenDialog's web chat module to interact with users

Natural Language Processing

We use the Microsoft Luis stack combined with OpenDialog


The tool interacts directly with the experts via Slack, a leading enterprise collaboration platform.


Delivered in a scalable Open Source framework allowing ownership of all data

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