The Opportunity

Process and compliance management is a critical for managing risk in any organisation. But it can be time consuming and complex to get right.

It can be frustrating for users to keep track of what tasks they need to complete and difficult for managers to keep a central view of task status.


Our Solution

Checklists are a powerful way of storing knowledge and improving quality. The World Health Organisation reduced post-surgery deaths by 47% in hospitals that trialed its 8 step checklist.

We designed and created TeamChecklist, a Slack-based, intelligent task management tool.

Our system then uses Slack's chat-based interface to push alerts the team. Notifying them of their tasks and send reminders until they’re done.

Users can check status directly through Slack by asking natural language questions such as “Show me my tasks”.

Whether for audits, on-boarding, training or just office party organising TeamAssist helps teams manage their processes better every day.

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The tool interacts directly with users via Slack, a leading enterprise collaboration platform.

Web Dashboard

TeamChecklist features a powerful web dashboard tool allowing easy monitoring of large teams

Natural Language

Users can use buttons or natural language to instruct the TeamChecklist

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