Coca-Cola Chill Zone on FB Messenger

The Opportunity

Vue & Coca-Cola wanted to get teen movie-goers out of their favourite fast food outlets and into the cinema to hang out pre-movie.

Teens are a tough audience for any brand so we knew we needed a compelling experience that the competition couldn't match and that teens (and their tribes) would want to be part of.

Coca-Cola Chill Zone on FB Messenger

Our Solution

Working with a marketing agency we developed a Marvel chatbot quiz that rewarded players with a Coke Zero.

The quiz was accessed by visiting the Coca-Cola Chill Zone (a physical area set up with film props for selfies) and scanning a Facebook Messenger code. Messenger launched the Chill Zone chatbot where teens proved the new their marvel.

Answer the questions right and you could get yourself an ice cold Coca-Cola Zero. Perfect to help you chill before the main feature.


Consumer channels

The chatbot works on Facebook Messenger through the brand's page.

Enterprise integration

The platform securely stores and releases the promotional codes to people who successfully complete the quiz.

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