AI Financial Auditor

The Opportunity

Auditing is a very manual and complex process for both the Auditor and the Auditee and has not significantly changed for over 10 years.

Our client recognised this and wanted to explore if chat would be a possible solution to improve their processes and provide a point of difference against their competitors.

AI Financial Auditor

Our Solution

As a leading UK chatbot developer we believed that chat could definitely help, but we didn’t stop there. Blending service design thinking with Applied AI we delivered a new intelligent end-to-end process to make auditing quicker and smarter.

We started by mapping the process across both the customer and auditor journey, from this we developed a new vision for intelligent automation. Once data, security and technical feasibility were complete we then defined a new project and delivery roadmap.

Core to our solution was to develop a new web based tool, simplifying the audit process and move away from offline document sharing. A chat bot was used to support the auditee’s through the process, using NLP and machine learning that chat bot constantly improves it’s help responses but also identifies opportunities to cross sell and up sell service based on the. The chat bot also has the ability to red flag the business so they can contact the auditee directly.

After submission of the audit data our AI algorithm helps to classify audit type, highlight anomalies and recommend outcomes and responses. This means when an auditor receives the information it’s they’ve already have part of their task started.


Improved customer experience and reduced support load through Virtual Assistant.

Decreased Audit processing time through AI classification and recommendation

New data strategy enabling improved processing & business insight


Web chat

The platform uses OpenDialog's web chat module to interact with users

Natural Language Processing

We use the Microsoft Luis stack combined with OpenDialog


Delivered in a scalable Open Source framework allowing ownership of all data

Model-driven AI

Harnessing Auditing and Financial process data and making relevant advice based on the situation

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