We design AI and data innovation strategies

Map the potential

Understanding how to take advantage of artificial intelligence within your organisation can feel like a complex challenge. We have significant experience in helping you understand what steps your organisation needs to take and what techniques will be relevant to you.

Data & Machine Learning

These areas are tightly related and we work with organisations to help them develop a culture of scientific analysis and experimentation in order to gain the most from the technologies.

It starts with creating a solid foundation of understanding what data is available, how it is curated (extracted, transformed, loaded) so as to be able to apply machine learning approaches efficiently and effectively.

Natural Language Processing

We help you think about, design, implement and re-use of non-trivial conversational patterns consistently and coherently. Our approach provides a method for planning conversations that turn to actions, integrate with other systems and uses a standard method for description and engineering.

We have experience with working leading the NLP platforms including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Rasa and spaCy.

We're Specialists


We can help your teams understand this area in-depth and assess the data and systems you have.


Create solutions that have a real impact on your organisational goals and demonstrate business value.


Platforms that work at organisational scale and integrate with your mission critical systems.

Audits & Optimisation

Do you have an existing solution that needs a closer look? Our audit and improvement services will help you understand how it can be improved.

Senior team mentoring

We can provide senior mentoring and team training to help get your business develop a vision for the benefits of AI. This will provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to guide strategy and advocate for implementation.

Content matters

Our content strategy services for conversational interfaces are designed to ensure that your audiences have a compelling experience. A solid technical base is critical but it's no substitute for the expertise required to ensure that your audiences have an experience that is on-brand and on-message.

AI can be open source

We've created an open source content management platform, OpenDialog, designed to address the needs of enterprise scale conversational interface projects. It works with leading AI cloud platforms and conversational channels.

Data strategy - no silos

Is your data in the right format and in the right place to meet your needs? Without a strategy on how to store and manage data any AI project will have limited impact. We can help you ensure that you have a clear and compliant plan for storage and appropriate access.

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